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Reiki - Learn, receive and share

If you are looking for a wonderful tool to help you live in a more mindful way, and find peace within then Reiki is for you. Reiki in itself is a process that has deeper and deeper layers. Learn more

Learning Reiki at Level 1 is for everyone, that includes kids. The more you incorporate Reiki in to your daily life your awareness expands and your connection with Reiki - and those around you - deepens. Learn more

Receiving Reiki in treatment is very beneficial. Receiving Reiki helps your body to tap naturally in to its own healing capacity thus nourishing mind and body. Learn more

If you would like to share Reiki then become a Reiki practitioner. Take the Level 2 course which expands on what you have already learned on the Level 1 course. Learn more

Calm your mind  -  Nourish your body

Uplift your spirit

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