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Reiki Level II - Become a Practitioner:

The 'Second Degree' Course

Who can learn Second Degree?

Anyone can learn Reiki at the second level having first completed the level one training (Level I course). It is recommended to allow approximately six weeks between your First and Second Degree courses. Simply to allow yourself the opportunity to practice and fully integrate what you already learned at the first level. 

On the Level II course you will enhance your self-healing by learning and carrying out special symbol meditations. These symbol meditations allow you to focus on connecting to specific energy frequencies that enhance mental, emotional and physical balance.

On this course you will also learn how to notice and trust in your intuition during treatment allowing you to move beyond the standard hand positions. With the deepening of your intuitive connection you will learn how to send Reiki as a distant healing. 

Your Reiki Second Degree course covers the equivalent of two days of training.  The first part involves you working through a multimedia study pack, at your leisure, and then attending a one-day live course with me. By doing the preliminary theory work at home and learning the symbols prior to the live course date you will be well prepared to carry out the practical aspect. 

With me you will focus on putting what you have learned in to practice and will work in the company of a few other students. There will be a maximum of six students on any of my Second Degree courses. Course cost £190.

Course dates normally arranged following Level I course.

Please contact me to book or to ask any questions. 

Lewes Open Door Clinic upcoming Level 2 courses - Sundays 2020: 

June 7th 10-4

November 29th 10-4

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